On the Edge of a Truth

Anthology, Catalog / Tuesday, January 1st, 1980

Nancy Thomas’s collection of poetry by Friends in the Northwest provides delightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking reading. Several of Thomas’s own poems appear, as do those of Arthur Roberts, Michael Graves, and Ed Higgins. All the works combine to renew a sense of wonder, to speak a prophetic witness, to bring about healing and encouragement. Through the insights of these poets we too can perch on the edge of a truth and hear God’s voice.


You gave me life
But soon
And not without
I removed you
To an occasional
Safely long-distanced
Spoke to you
With holiday cheer.
Insulated by
A thousand miles
Of covered wire
You were detached
By a click
Of the receiver
I was not.

Forgive me.