blue and blue and blue

Catalog, Collection

If you can find a way to be simple and loving and a part of community that takes care with each other in a pronounced humanistic way, then everything else is superfluous. This book was written to bring you back into that.

Freak Show

Catalog, Collection

In Freak Show Casey Killingsworth assembles poems outlining his own freakishness, the odd jobs and shifts that earned him his living, the difficulty trying to relate to other people, even how to love.

Close to the Surface

Catalog, Memoir

In Close to the Surface, Bethany Lee recounts her family’s story, her own uncertain pilgrimage, and the ingenuity and courage it takes to sail over the horizon and find your way home.

The Uncovering

Catalog, Collection

Raw, vulnerable, and powerfully relatable, The Uncovering considers the universally human struggle to countenance even the deepest parts of who we are.

Ishmael on the Farm

Catalog, Collection

This book tells of a journey from terror to mastery by way of farming, and how farming’s nature-shaped vocabulary of duties and rituals may heal the deepest wounds.


Catalog, Collection

These are poems for wayfarers, for spiritual seekers who look for the sacred in every moment, in every step.

Every Wreckage

Catalog, Collection

These poems, rooted in the mountains and forests of Appalachia, wonder after the insecurities of growing up, the fragility of fatherhood, and the longing that haunts us as we search for stability and direction.