The Uncovering

Catalog, Collection / Monday, March 25th, 2024

Raw, relatable, and powerfully vulnerable, The Uncovering voices the internal struggle of the human heart—the hidden terrors of low self-worth and the devastating beauty of honesty. A book of courage and contemplation, offering the reader participation in the heart’s fight for truth in the face of self-sabotage and self-deceit, this debut collection considers the universal struggle to acknowledge the deepest parts of who we are—what one is capable of but wants to push aside, cover-up, and ignore—and the ultimate cost when we do: the loss of identity, the purest definition of self.

When I read Jennifer Camp’s The Uncovering, I was struck by her ability to hold universal truths in images of everyday life. Her poems carry a boldness and simplicity that make it easy to dive in but quickly, you find your feet no longer touching the bottom. I highly recommend this beautiful and poignant collection of poems that is both transcendent and accessible.” 

Stephen Roach, author, host of Makers & Mystics podcast, co-founder of The Breath & The Clay creative arts organization

Jennifer Camp’s poems are like candid confessions that read with cadence and a gentle calm. She tells stories in her stanzas, inviting all to find reflection in her words. This book reads like a tender conversation and will invite you to consider uncovering your own sacred story.

Rachel Marie Kang, author of Let There Be Art and The Matter of Little Losses

Jennifer Camp is the perfect person to present to us these emotive and expressive cries of the soul.

Paul J. Pastor, author of Bower Lodge: Poems

Jennifer J. Camp

grew up in an almond orchard in Northern California and is the author of Loop: What Women Need to Know and Breathing Eden. She lives south of San Francisco with her husband, Justin, and they have three children.