Girl in Tulips

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DiNenna’s poems take us through the zodiac and seasons of childhood illness, calling us to bear witness to the unseen. These poems tell the story of one girl’s struggle for life.

No Small Thing

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Ellen Rowland summons us to presence, showing us the world through an unfiltered lens that asks us to consider the beauty and truth of the ordinary.


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The poems in T’shuvah consider the question of what it means to “return” from the alienation that is inherent in surviving sexual violence.


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Alex Van Huynh’s first collection takes us into the deep inquiries of a mind fully engaged with both the known and unknowable. Informed by mythology, history, religion, and science, these poems explore “the whole world in miniature,” where the “pores of the earth pull beneath the sands,” as well as the vast expanses of sky and sea, where “drifting things must come naked.” Huynh’s subjects are often reminded “our condition is temporary,” but he is a voice who is establishing a permanent place for himself in American poetry.


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The poems in Jeffrey L. Johnson’s collection, Babylon, trace paths we travel and describe places we occupy happily as pilgrims, adventurers, natives and citizens, and uneasily as refugees, captives, prisoners, and exiles. Even when we feel settled and at peace, circumstances and time move us to strange and foreign locations. These poems explore aspects of our perceptions of place.

I Don’t Understand Why It’s Crazy to Hear the Beautiful Songs of Nonexistent Birds


I Don’t Understand Why It’s Crazy to Hear the Beautiful Songs of Nonexistent Birds is an expression of complex and misunderstood ecstasy. The collection is held together by all the inexpressible intangibles of being human. These poems, when taken together, offer a pocketful of contemplative fiddlings drawn from the search for holy fun that the shared spirit of all living things remembers.

Coming soon from Philip Jason

Church Ladies

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An invitation into the lives of women in the church—prophetesses, wives, saints, mothers, martyrs, daughters, and anyone who has been a tender of a family or community.

It’s This

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It’s This contemplates relationships, identity, love, loss, and radical transformation, finding acceptance, joy, and growing peace, as the speaker practices meditation, and falls more deeply in love with her wife. Employing spare, musical language and humor, and suffused with light, these vivid poems


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So, we find ourselves here, in this book where you can split the meta-verse as often as you’d like, jumping around the various poems that I wrote during the pandemic. These poems reflect what my life was during those first fifteen months: scattered, overwhelmed, whimsical, nostalgic, pissed, political, exhausted, diseased, smitten.

You may, of course, read straight through (if you dare), but if you do jump around