I Don’t Understand Why It’s Crazy to Hear the Beautiful Songs of Nonexistent Birds


I Don’t Understand Why It’s Crazy to Hear the Beautiful Songs of Nonexistent Birds is an expression of complex and misunderstood ecstasy. The collection is held together by all the inexpressible intangibles of being human. These poems, when taken together, offer a pocketful of contemplative fiddlings drawn from the search for holy fun that the shared spirit of all living things remembers.

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Church Ladies

Catalog, Collection

An invitation into the lives of women in the church—prophetesses, wives, saints, mothers, martyrs, daughters, and anyone who has been a tender of a family or community.

It’s This

Catalog, Collection

It’s This contemplates relationships, identity, love, loss, and radical transformation, finding acceptance, joy, and growing peace, as the speaker practices meditation, and falls more deeply in love with her wife. Employing spare, musical language and humor, and suffused with light, these vivid poems


Catalog, Collection

So, we find ourselves here, in this book where you can split the meta-verse as often as you’d like, jumping around the various poems that I wrote during the pandemic. These poems reflect what my life was during those first fifteen months: scattered, overwhelmed, whimsical, nostalgic, pissed, political, exhausted, diseased, smitten.

You may, of course, read straight through (if you dare), but if you do jump around

Jesus Merch

Catalog, Collection

At first glance, the Christian merchandise populating Jesus Merch: A Catalog of Poems (such as “Christian pumpkins,” “emoji angel necklaces,” or “personalized cross lollipops”) may seem solely humorous. In addition to delighting in this humor, Jesus Merch also sees its items as more than trivial or frivolous.

Dust and Dragons

Catalog, Collection

Since their inception on Planet Earth, humans have had to deal with meaningless, dulling, repetitious, man-made wastes of time (dust) and sudden, frightening changes (dragons) that create both calamities and opportunities, depending on a person’s abilities and wisdom.

Now in Contest

Catalog, Collection

From its “Cover Letter” to readers, Now in Contest invites us to listen to America’s many voices and how they are divided from each other and our history. From the many in contest, it listens for one hope to go forward into today and tomorrow. Consider the young Black veteran pulled over “One Night in America,” and the immigrant day laborers who endure stereotyping so their kids… grow straight American teeth.

The Glue Trap

Catalog, Collection

The Glue Trap and Other Poems is a volume in which range should be read as trajectory, the personal and the social as reciprocal metaphors, in which my speaker’s voice aspires to the credibility of a masterful monologue and my monologues aspire to the credibility of my truest voice, spoken and formal language converging in artifice as sincerest sense, the genuine.

She Calls the Moon by Its Name

Catalog, Collection

She Calls the Moon by Its Name, a powerful and haunting series of poems, follows a nineteenth-century farm woman in spiritual isolation as she finds strength in naming what is alive around her—or even hidden in plain sight. She seeks the names of moons, of animals, of fields and stones, of children and lost babies, and in the process, what is solid and earthborn learns to live patiently with what is not.

In the Cities of Sleep

Catalog, Collection

In the Cities of Sleep is a collection of poems centered on the ramifications of a warming world, a world where not only the climate is changing but also the social contract as regions and nations vie for resources and civil unrest gives way to wars. Elizabeth C. Herron’s poems ask that we look hard enough to see beyond what is happening to what we might do to change our current trajectory.