Heavenly Fire

Catalog, Collection

This small book of poems is more than poetry. It is a window into the life of a man who has been a pathfinder for Quakers. His other books of philosophy, theology, history, sermons, and autobiography also reflect the life of this giant. But this volume gives us a uniquely penetrating peek into his soul. […]

The Secret Colors of God

Catalog, Collection

In The Secret Colors of God Nancy Thomas paints ordinary scenes along life’s journey with vivid words – words that startle us with their clarity and challenge us with their insights. Her verses contain clarifying commentary upon our ordinary ventures and offer a helpful context for interpreting them. Whether whimsical, wistful, satirical, reflective, celebratory, humorous, or prayerful, […]

Prayers at Twilight

Catalog, Collection

Arthur O. Roberts, author of Exploring Heaven: What Great Christians Thinkers Tell Us about Our Afterlife with God, uses a variety of voices in these prayers that ask questions and express concerns about death. Disequilibrium My physicist friend tells me time is a marker of physical disequilibrium. I’m not quite sure what this means for heaven. […]

On the Edge of a Truth

Anthology, Catalog

Nancy Thomas’s collection of poetry by Friends in the Northwest provides delightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking reading. Several of Thomas’s own poems appear, as do those of Arthur Roberts, Michael Graves, and Ed Higgins. All the works combine to renew a sense of wonder, to speak a prophetic witness, to bring about healing and encouragement. Through […]