Why Ice Cream Trucks Play Christmas Songs

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A gentle wind blows through Paul Jolly’s poems, uncovering the gaps in our knowledge, our presumptions and assumptions, the spaces in which humor, creativity, and magic are born. The stories seem familiar, but the wind-blown words, unjumbled by Jolly, no longer say exactly what they’re supposed to. Alice escapes from a pack of Disney scouts. […]

Love Is Deeper than Distance

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Poems of love, death, a little sex, ALS, dementia, and the widow’s life thereafter. Our love songs have no shadows. We dare not acknowledge the deep love that can coexist with loss. But in this timely and timeless collection, Peg Edera offers what we didn’t know we needed: a proposal in the dark, a squad […]

As Clean as a Bone

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Emmett Wheatfall’s As Clean as a Bone is a collection for both the heart and the mind, a collection seasoned with the vital and invigorating salt of poetry and of wisdom. This remarkable book questions history, memory, culture. Its poems don’t just talk: they wrestle with experience, they debate, they think and play, they sing […]

death will come

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Click here for Bill’s interview with Henry McCarthy. In death will come, poet Bill Denham attempts what is nearly impossible, coming to terms with the approaching end of life without nostalgia or sentimentality. And in this collection, he succeeds, offering his astonishing gift to the world, a testament to a life lived, suffered, and loved in […]

Because of This

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While teaching English in China, Jim Teeters received a copy of the Tao Te Ching from a student. Jim writes that he was drawn to Lao Tzu’s ancient meditations on what it means to be a human instrument guided by the power of the right way. Drawing on his Quaker experience of submission to the […]

Close to the Ground

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Ordinary grace disguises itself in faded irises, traffic signs, convoluted “meetings for worship for business,” and the funny things small children say—the grace of God hidden in the ordinariness of life. This grace hovers close to the ground. In her exploration of this grace, Nancy Thomas takes us on a personal journey with four sections. […]

Heavenly Fire

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This small book of poems is more than poetry. It is a window into the life of a man who has been a pathfinder for Quakers. His other books of philosophy, theology, history, sermons, and autobiography also reflect the life of this giant. But this volume gives us a uniquely penetrating peek into his soul. […]

The Secret Colors of God

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In The Secret Colors of God Nancy Thomas paints ordinary scenes along life’s journey with vivid words – words that startle us with their clarity and challenge us with their insights. Her verses contain clarifying commentary upon our ordinary ventures and offer a helpful context for interpreting them. Whether whimsical, wistful, satirical, reflective, celebratory, humorous, or prayerful, […]

Prayers at Twilight

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Arthur O. Roberts, author of Exploring Heaven: What Great Christians Thinkers Tell Us about Our Afterlife with God, uses a variety of voices in these prayers that ask questions and express concerns about death. Disequilibrium My physicist friend tells me time is a marker of physical disequilibrium. I’m not quite sure what this means for heaven. […]

On the Edge of a Truth

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Nancy Thomas’s collection of poetry by Friends in the Northwest provides delightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking reading. Several of Thomas’s own poems appear, as do those of Arthur Roberts, Michael Graves, and Ed Higgins. All the works combine to renew a sense of wonder, to speak a prophetic witness, to bring about healing and encouragement. Through […]