Through Honest Moments

News / Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Life is what it is, regardless, always a gift:

Last August, Bill Denham approached me with an idea: a small book of autobiographical and deeply personal poems that might speak to people, “even if they did not know the particulars of my life.” I told Bill I was interested, but I had a problem. Barclay Press had only ever published devotional poetry, and Bill’s collection would not be a good fit. Now, looking back, the solution seems obvious. We created a new imprint – Fernwood Press – and made Bill’s collection our first title.

You were there at the beginning.

Every person receiving this email newsletter purchased a copy of Bill’s book, death will come, the very first book under our new imprint! Our next two titles – from Emmett Wheatfall and Paul Jolly – are coming out in June and September. And we have a fourth in the works that might make it to print before Christmas. In the meantime, I have a request. Would you consider offering a few sentences about your experience with Bill’s book as an Amazon review? The feedback you give helps other readers to consider whether Bill’s book might be the book they need.

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Thank you,

Eric Muhr
Publisher, Fernwood Press

A not-for-profit literary imprint, Fernwood Press promotes poetry collections that speak to the human capacity for spiritual experience.

As Clean as a Bone by Emmett Wheatfall
(June 2018)